Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Cry me a river and pour me a song
This hurts been creeping for way to long
This thing that binds me and scars me soul deep
This thing that drives me and makes me weep.
Loneliness is where I find myself once again
It’s like this battle I just can’t win
It’s like a horrible death inside me
Killing off all sanity
Making me feel worthless and empty.
But I know this as a lie!
It is the loudest whisper in my mind
It is the very thing he uses to control me
I must break this inside my heart.
I must rip it all apart.
Expose me and my pain
Let it all rain.
Show the whole world who I am
I must begin.
God break me down
Render me nothing at all
Fill me with the spirit inside
Make it so I can’t fall.
Use me as they abuse me
Let the pain of it no longer destroy
Let it lift me and bring me joy.
For I am yours and yours only
Nothing they can do here can take that away
With you I am never lonely
And you are the light the truth and the way.

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