Friday, July 16, 2010

In need of a prayer

Oh Lord! Thank you for your blessings and thank you for your love..
Without out you I would crumble, I would be defeated in one step. I need your strength and I trust in your plan. You who are my father and my maker, only you know what I need.

Today I need you, just as I did yesterday and just as I will tomorrow. I can not go one day without you in it.

You are my rock and my foundation and I will build only on you. I will not question your plans yet accept them even in their darkest hours. I will not just praise you when things are great, but I will praise you when things are rough. I will acknowledge the grace and mercy you have bestowed upon me and I will thank you daily.

Praise to you and thank you, from the depths of my heart and soul!!

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