Friday, August 6, 2010

Best Case and Worse Case

My name is Best Case and my husband is Worse Case. I find it interesting how different everything is to us. We decided to take a walk through the forest. I decide with my lack of knowledge for directions and compasses that I must be trusting in getting out where I need to be. My husband is my polar opposite. He has a map with the highlighted path we should take to make this specific destination he has picked as the right end to our walk. He has a compass and a keen sense of direction. We decide to go hand in hand and enjoy this beautiful day. Everything is fine and I am enjoying everything in the moment. My husband, Worse Case is profiling the area making sure there aren't any crazed people hiding or hungry animal on the attack. To say the least he is not really enjoying this in the way I am. I ask him to please just stop and take it all in. As we are walking, finally enjoying the moment we stop at a fork in the path. My husband gets out his map and deciphers where to go. I was oblivious as to even where we were. My husband asked me if I could please just pay a little more attention to my surroundings.

Worse Case decides we will take the clear path that leads directly to our destination. But I, Best Case, want to take the other path because it looks and feels like an amazing and special place. I beg Worse to take the less chosen path with me. Because he loves me and can see its important, he agrees, but is not happy about it. As we walked along I saw an exotic bird chirping in the trees, I was so entranced by its beauty that next thing I know my husband is tapping my shoulder, impatiently waiting for me to move on. This is when we heard a rustle in the distance. Worse gets out his knife and gun, he bunkers down pulling me with him. I am grabbing for my camera out of my backpack. It is a funny site now that I look at this scene, Him the Army Ranger, ready for the attack and me the simpleton with my camera like some silly tourist. I had to stop my self and understand that I do not know what is out there and I too should be safe and not so oblivious. Not having any training of survival I bunker close to my husband counting on my husband to protect me.

As the rustling gained closer my husband moved from his position to another positing, with great skill. I try to mimic his moves as quietly as possible. He then looks to me and makes some hand gestures as to tell me where to go and what to do.. I had to laugh at myself for being sooo unskilled. I try to follow these directions as if it were some game of charades. He seemed content with my actions to his directions so I must have gotten it right. I watch Worse Case in all his beauty, this is what he was made for, no matter what is out there he is prepared and ready and in a dangerous situation he really does have the upper hand. As I just watch him in awe and I realize how amazing he is I get more hand gestures that lead me to where he is.... As I get to him and crouch down he whispers in my ear "get out your camera now" I was confused but I did it. I being Best Case do not handle myself well in a scary and dangerous situation.. I freeze because I never anticipated or planned for anyhting negative or dangerous happening... On a side note I remember When I was cooking for Worse one night and I started a kitchen fire on the stove. I was clueless and frozen in the spot not knowing what to do. I Barely could get a word out, but called for Worse to help. He came in and calmly put out the fire. I realized then I didn't trust myself to make the right decision, I had flashes of my grandmother who was in a fire and the fear set in leaving me incapable of handling myself..... I still felt like that girl not knowing what to do, but I had learned over the years that this is Worse's department and to trust his lead. And THEN.,.. All of the sudden,,!!! It Happened., A family of Bears were passing through right where we were once standing. My husband had gotten us far enough from them to be safe, but yet I was able to take some amazing shots of this family of Bears. I looked up and saw a peace in my husbands face that was breathtaking. Because of his abilities he was able to know he was safe and I was safe and really enjoyed the moment.

After the bears had passed we moved on to our walk and back on our path. This is when Worse lost his peace and started focusing soo much on the map and compass. I was excited to just see where we ended up and roll with it. At the moment I was content with noises and the smells. I was in a happy place of mine and found my peace in just trusting our path. I wasn't concerned of where it lead to or even how long it would take to get there. Worse stopped me and just asked me "are you sure this path is going to lead to our destination" I smiled brightly and said "Nope" I could see the annoyance on Worse's face. I asked him " Does it matter where we end up, if we took a great path" His face turned red and he was in extreme disbelief that I really had no plan or concern. I pulled him into me and hugged him closely. I told him to lighten up and enjoy this time with me. When we reach the end it may be our planned destination or it May be a completely unexpected one that in the end is where we need to be. He gave me a humpf and looked at me as I were alien. So this is when I grabbed my camera. I showed him all the shots I had taken on the beginning planned path. They were average as in anyone could take them. A traditional picture of a bird in a nest and trees.. A few leaves and a butterfly on a flower and a few snaps of him plain faced and Army stance. They were good pictures, but then I scrolled through the pictures that followed on our path less traveled.. There were beautiful shots of the bear family. A mother bear protecting her young a baby bear rolling around without a fear in the world, another bear licking his paw. There were pictures of old oaks and huge roots, wildflowers trailing on the ground, and a beautiful shot of the sun peaking through the trees looking as if it were kissing Worse's cheek. That is when his face softened. He told me he never saw himself in the light like that.

The path less traveled, kinda a scary and not so easy seemed to really bring out our abilities, our talents and our passions. It brought us closer and made us work together. It brought out our beauty and it encouraged us to walk in the light. Not just the light, but "THE LIGHT" (the light of the Lord). It was the right path, traveled by trust and God given skill. We traveled for 3 more weeks and we were thirsty. God provided what we needed and at the end of our travels we meet a strange and unexpected destination,, Home. I know that may sound weird but it was not our dwelling we call home, it was our children, it was strangers we knew were our friends, it was that feeling you get when you walk into a house before you buy it that just says, this is home.


  1. That is amazingly true and insightful. It made Me (best case) and Hubby (worst case) look at ourselves in a different light... and maybe appreciate each other and our journey a little more.
    Thanks for sharing xoxo

  2. I am glad you enjoyed it :) It makes me happy the hear people read this and get things form it!