Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Seeing Isn't Always Believing!

It hit me toady as I was thinking about a post I read on Facebook. To often people do not "Believe" those with CF are sick because they often do not look it. If someone breaks a bone, its broke, we see it. Others who may be in the fight with cancer are often put on chemo which makes hair fall out and much worse things, we see it. Some one who has Parkinson's shakes or more like twitches and has failures in mobility, we see it. Even people with add or autism have outwardly displays of their condition, again, we see it! When it come to Cf we can't see it. We see a cough mistaken as allergies or a cold. We may see someone spit stuff out, a stranger may think they are a smoker. The times we truly see CF in its ugliest is when they are really sick or even worse. Yet even at times with my son being so young he even makes sick look do-able.

So as I thought about this I also thought about how much stronger my faith has become in the Lord since I have had Brandon. Some of that has to do with contributing factors in all parts of my life, ie: maturity, becoming a mom, happiness, knowing the fight for my child's life, good church, great marriage ect... Then I realized a common thing in our lives and the Belief of the Lord. Constantly Brandon and his CF is not taken seriously, people don't "get it" they cant 'see it" so it easy to ignore and easy to not "believe". In the beginning I felt angry at others for not understand or in my eyes at the time "caring". I was then, with growth, saddened by the fact that so many people will never really know him or his life, and therefore us and our lives. I really want people to just "Believe" and know he his really sick. That a cold in the house is a much bigger threat. That smoke will cause issues and result in more treatments to get it out of his lungs. With all threats we have to increase preventative care and in our house we spend a minimum of 3 hours of care a day to be able to keep him in our lives longer, as well as try to take away the pains and discomforts that CF cause. Many people may say "Yeah I know he has Cf" or even "yeah I know what Cf is". Just as many may say "Yeah I know who God is" or even "yeah I know what God's about". Knowing isn't always believing.

So then today I realized how God must feel. How so many people do not "Believe" or "Get it" so they ignore him. When it comes to having to just "Believe", things change. Its not so serious when you can pretend its not there. To me the Lord has presented himself in this disease, he has been able to show a little bit of how things have always been for him. It makes it change for me. It brings me closer to his suffering and helps me see the love he has for us even more. Unfortunately there will always be those who don't get it or believe, but when they do its amazing!


  1. I also want to add tht there are many of you out there who do "get it" and thank you sooo much forall your love and support!! I love you all in a way I can't explain :) <3

  2. i love you amber and well put! god gave you to brandon because he knew how hard you would fight to spread knowledge, positivity and change. keep doing what your doing....i am so proud of you!

  3. Amber, as always, I am so proud of you. I agree, that is what God feels. You do such a wonderful job with Brandon and Elli and Matt too. I miss you and will be glad when this cold is over so I can see Brandon and not make him ill. You are right, just a little cold can cause so much pain and extra treatments. For a child of two he sure takes it on the chin. God has given him a special gift, too. He is so patient during his treatments and medication times, it's like cf doesn't bother him. We only know because we know him, his breathing patterns, when he is "off". I thank God that he has given Brandon the gift of a great mother. I love you, mom.