Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I aboard this ship on the rocky seas. I sign my name on the line. I have my sack and lunch in hand. I am alone and ready for travel. I never bothered to look at where this vessel was headed. Just knew it was outta here. I needed the break, I had to leave to just have a chance to be. I begged to be left alone, I cried in frustration and honesty. Yet my dear friend you came once again, to push me right where I did not want to be. "Ahoy matey!" This ship is sailing off to the deep and dark sea. The weather is changing and this life is rearranging to be anew once more. Who knows why or how this came to be. I saw the sign and new it was for me. I breathe in the fresh salty air, as the waves break way and splash my face. I am refreshed and alive, not dying inside. I am me, the me I like to be. I take a deep sigh, I smile and say, "today is a day among days" just as a butterfly pulls out of her cocoon to embrace a new life with her beauty. I break free of the chains, the things that take away and distract my purpose of being. I am built a new and reborn to life as a believer and sinner of the same. I break free of these chains the ones that destroy the hope and faith inside of me. I break free of these chains that bind me, a sinner saddened by my old life. I break free of these chains and I hold them up high to shout "What a sinner am I" its true, I cannot lie, but it's these broken chains that say its okay. "Forgiveness" is there in the air and the sun kissing my neck and my check. Forgiveness my love is yours, I did not strike you down, for I wanted to raise you up. But you my dear child are a free willed soul that must choose this life. You can hang on to your old ways your selfish life of lies and deceit. You can love your sin and keep liven in this cocoon till you rot and cease to be. I give you the choice and freedom to choose, but the offer is there to break free. You will be stripped of all your legs and given just one set and you will be given wings to fly. You must trust blindly that you can do everything differently as you once did. Or you will sit in fear on that branch and then in time your wings and body will die. All options lead to death of your flesh, but only one leads to me, the one that tells you to open your new wings and fly!

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